Expansion of the company's activities and exploitation of new directions of development:

Expansion of the company's

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    Establishment of company subsidiaries

    In the near future, Camber Energy management shall implement a program to create specialized subsidiaries in the regions. This will enable the company to take a stronger position and find new service markets.

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    Creation of trading schools

    In the near future, we shall soon open regional educational institutions, at which Camber Energy experienced specialists shall train future professional traders. We shall be able to pass the necessary skills and useful knowledge to the novices that will enable them to be successful in this area.

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    Creation of a dealing center

    The company plans to start its own dealing center, which would be good news for those who would like to become self-reliant, independent traders.

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    Creation of a trading platform

    In addition to the dealing center, the company is developing its own trading platform that will be radically different from the existing platforms. The company's specialists have audited the most popular traders' sites, revealed their shortcomings and are thus currently busy creating a fundamentally new software that will be able to bring trading to a completely new level. This software shall allow its users to interactively participate on the international currency market and promptly trade on it.

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    Private brokerage

    You can order a brokerage service in our company. The given proposal will ring true for investors who wish to directly participate in trading on the FOREX exchange and assert their own solutions.

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