We’re on a journey to becoming a lower carbon, wholly green energy supplier.

We’re on a journey to becoming a lower carbon, wholly green energy supplier.

Our green tariffs are competitively priced, so you get energy that is better for the planet and great value for money too.

By joining Camber Energy, you are supporting the local energy generators which we purchase our energy from. This means both small and large organisations within our community benefit, boosting our local economy.

We provide 100% green renewable electricity and lower carbon gas to our customers, and we’re growing our mix of direct power purchase agreements from local renewable generators, green energy certificates and lower carbon initiatives to further benefit the environment and our communities.

Join our journey to becoming cleaner and greener.

Green and renewable electricity

For the BE Simply Green product we buy Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates that match the electricity you use to renewable power that exists on the grid. For the BE Super Green product we source the electricity directly from renewable generators around the country through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), so we know exactly where your energy is coming from. This is our greenest available product.

Low carbon gas

We promise that for every tonne of carbon emitted through your consumption of gas, we will purchase a carbon offset certificate from verified emission reduction schemes. The carbon offsets we purchase contribute towards global low carbon projects such as creating wind parks in India, reducing deforestation in Brazil, and installing solar cookers in China. These projects not only reduce global carbon emissions, but also contribute towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

A few more reasons to switch to Camber Energy

  1. We don’t charge exit fees
  2. Switching is easy. We do everything for you. No engineers. No disruption
  3. You can pay by direct debit or choose Pay as You Go
  4. We voluntarily support Warm Home Discount for the Core Group

And, we’re committed to helping tackle fuel poverty in our home city of Houston. So, whenever someone is referred to Camber Energy and joins, we donate $20 to the Fuel Good Fund.
We have an average rising state of about 67.8% investors from around the world and wish to grow more.

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