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About out strategy

Each trader in our arsenal has several favorite trading strategies and the list is constantly updated and changing how the market itself

Classification of Trading Strategies

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    By the time trading

    • Short-term strategy. In this case the closed position during the trading day, and sometimes for several seconds
    • Medium-term strategy — the position in this case, the ability to hold up to several days, weeks
    • Long-term strategy — the position of «lives» from a week to several months
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    According to the degree of risk

    • Conservative (trading strategies with minimal risk)
    • Moderate
    • Aggressive
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    By way of trading

    • Manual and
    • Semi-automatic (the trader uses scripts, combining the possibility of automated trading to manual trading)
    • Automatic (all trade assumes Advisor robot)

There are 3 types of trading all the time - together or selectively, for example, the short-term trading. It was to last most traders come prepared. That it is more risky, but also the most profitable

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