Internal Processes

Processes taking place within the company

The following processes are planned to be implemented in the future for more active development of the company:

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    Opening of offices in different countries

    There are plans to open over 30 new offices over the 2016-2018 period, and placing regional representatives in them. At the moment, these offices are expected to be opened in 22 countries. The move is aimed at expanding Camber Energy business activity.

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    Issuing of shares

    The main purpose for the issuance of securities is to attract new investment funds, as well as increase the size of the statutory fund of the company.

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    Promotion of the Camber Energy brand

    Today, our company today is well known to many people living in different countries. We have achieved this thanks to the large range of services we provide, as well as their superior quality, which in turn creates a positive image of the company, and generates an excellent reputation. In the future, we plan to work on our company’s image to further preserve and promote our name by expanding our service range and improving service quality.

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    Modernization of analytical department

    In the near future, the analytical department shall be expanded and equipped with additional qualified personnel. This step is being directly dictated by the expansion of the company. The modernization will positively affect the overall performance of the company.

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    Company publicity

    Camber Energy Guide has not set for itself the immediate goal to take the company to IPO and make it public. However, given the rapid development of the company, holding an initial public offering (IPO) will attract capital investment from a much larger circle of investors.

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